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How unproportion'd to thy pains! -

woensdag 9 april 2014

letters to thailand - part 15

letters to thailand – part 15

To the boys and girls of the LEO CLUB
C/o the honourable chairperson BeeBee,
The Construction View Hotel Ao Nang

-allegiance to crown and weathermen-

Life in the Netherlands, my dear friends, seemed for quite a while a perpetual repetition of non-events to such an extend that  I could not get myself into writing any prose at all.
In stead I took refuge in de very caves of literary imagination that is the realm of poetry.

Once in a while though one has to leave the grottoes to hunt for food.
At one such expedition I discovered people were just shy of crouching, as they experiencend  an encounter with a total stranger in their local supermarket. Later, as I was scanning last month’s papers at an otherwise deserted
library I discovered  these fields behind the dunes had become the land of the scared.
For lack of venemous snakes, scorpions or deadly centipedes, they have invented 1.000.000 boogymen, hailing from such dreadfull places as Istanbul, Marakesh or even Osaka.
In stead of guns these sons and daughters of the dark side of our planet, carry something much more hideous…they have two passports hidden deep inside their treacherous pockets.
This now is threatening to shred our society to bits.

It all has to do with loyalty being questioned by the more fascist of minds and a sizable army of dumb-fucks is marching along.
Like there is nothing more important, almost all parties, and believe me, this tiny state knows quite a few, still hold integration, of aliens that is, as the single most important issue of the century… uneasy as they are with the rather unpleasant winds chilling their otherwise pretty red necks, they feel forced to utter noises which they hope to be having a soothing effect, bringing back at their side a fearfull electorate.

Would you believe the story of a former minister who was demanding a law that would  forbid the wearing a a burkha, while at the same time she is wearing so much make-up that it could only be determend by her spine-chilling voice that it actually was her?

It is in this climate that the dutch intelligentsia stumble over eachother to be heared declaring loyalty towards the Party for the Animals.
This is not a joke!

Some are even shiftier than icefloes, like a former dutch poet, and former anarchist at that, who for sake of his twenty-something cats first vowed to turn to the Animal Party but now is declaring his love to the Christian
Democrats because a city-councillor  of this party is brown-nosing him with her regular visits to the web-site where he keeps a diary of sorts; informing us about the content of his fridge, his cats, the women he’s seen on tv,
women in politics, his cats, the state of his domestic interior, his cats, the lack of visitors and then some more about the cats he keeps and the women he never…

Well, anyway, after his unequivocal support for the local christians, the honourable councillor  promised to see what she could do about his cranky computer and maybe she could be helpfull getting him some kind of social benefits? she went on.
In Holland we do not call this corruption.

Meanwhile the poor are fucked as so many votes went to the cats- and dogs party that the one movement that could have made the difference has been left out of negotiations leading towards forming the newly installed government…a government kept in power only because a gang of jezus-freaks has been invited to install itself inside the very rooms
of power.

Then, what can one expect in a country where its mindless  inhabitants at times cannot continue their daily routine without a weather alarm?
A weather alarm?
Yes, for in this interbellum between the last ice-age and the next this people that could not so long ago been observed speed-skating to school or factory, now hardly seems to know what to do when we have some 2 or 3 inches of snow coverings the roads.
"Just in case", as train-scedules are declared non-valid, less rather than more trains are offered to the more laborious part of the population, causing them to miss out on a nice day of hard work while actually they had left their vehicles standing because of the red-alert given off by those good old weathermen.

Imagine a few years of rather mild monsoons, mild as in it didn’t rain as much as it used to, and the Royal Thai Weather Buro starts to give off a weather alarm because they expect some rain for a couple of days,
advizing to better stay indoors as it might get wet outside.
Would you venture outside and not bring your umbrella?

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