- Poor starv'ling bard, how small thy gains!
How unproportion'd to thy pains! -

zondag 16 september 2012

letters to thailand - part 10

To the boys and girls of the LEO CLUB
C/o the honourable chairperson BeeBee,
The Construction View Hotel Ao Nang, Krabi


Clog-country, these former wood lands, is going through its darkest days of terror…my friends, stay where you are, for grave danger is awaiting you.
The going rate for heavy body armour triples by the hour, you can spot the bravest amongst us bang clang rattling by…a take out of a new episode of Robin Hood.
The fear in their eyes remains unseen, they keep their visors closed, cautiously on the look out for the latter day frighteners…crazed seniors.

Left to look after themselves for too long these took to the streets, directing their scootmobiles and motorized chairs towards the major shopping malls. They didn’t exactly bring their ATM-cards to get their daily needs, in stead they follow people, hurtling abuse, scolding them for filling their carts with unneeded garbage they holler and howl, threatening those poor innocent shoppers with hell and eternal doom.

Insane grannies have been seen steering their vehicles after desperate mothers with screaming kids, clinging with their nails to mama’s neck, as they dashed head over stiletto heels for the parking lot.
Many stories remain untold… most victims are ashamed, as if they were taken up the ass by a bishop of the most catholic of sorts.

Taken by surprise city councils all over the country are looking to create hang-outs for the elderly…a desperate call to counter a problem that is now threatening to disturb the very mechanism that would otherwise, ever so smoothly, flatten any sparkling ripple on the surface of this once glamorous society…drowning in a puddle of fear.

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