- Poor starv'ling bard, how small thy gains!
How unproportion'd to thy pains! -

woensdag 18 december 2013

henk bres has an earring too

porno henk is doing bangkok by night
in shorts without shirt he's
such a sorry sight
he came for music, money
fame and then some
but right now he's horny
desperate to come

his eyes gettin' misty
his vision all blurred
henk is upstairs with
floorshow cum all over his shirt
he can't stop pussypeeping
as guzzling mekong
while the ladies play
a different kind of ping-pong

all fucked up he wakes up
in quite an eerie soi
doesn't know where he is
and if she was a boy
poor henk is afraid
yells for a tuk-tuk
his mind screamin' aids
wanker-shanker shook-shook

meanwhile in crowsnest
down sukhumvit road
atom heart's mother shoots
his sorry little load
while the creepy old bastard
is doing his maid
the hooligan howls for never
again shall he get laid

the mother is a mystery
in his own right
word has it he's offspring
from jeckyll and hyde
he made his home in bangkok
like a mole in club med
little sunlight ever shone
on the dirty old cat

scared shitless bres crawls
towards atom heart's lair
tells mother he's screwed
but doesn't know where
henk whimpers and whines
that he really needs to know
when those bloody symptoms of
soi cowboy sore boy will show

mother's just laughing as
they head for the bars
says he too has got his
deal of oriental scars
lifes mystery's complex
and chaos the rule
atom's heartbeat could
change the weather in kabul

with identities twisted
and an overcast mind
they think all their sorrows
are left way behind
forgotten are patpong drip
and terminal termea leak
as reality slips the door
to play hide and seek

so henk and mother think
they can make it together
dressed up in python boots
and camouflage leather
but life's much harder
than henkies sore dick
in the end it was the son
of a bitch doing the trick

17 12 2013

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